2018 Scholars

Yesterday marked a day of celebration at St John’s Anglican College recognising the achievements of the 2018 Scholars. Old Collegian and OP 1 recipient, Mark Dunkley, shared some words of advice with the attending students to “work hard, work smart and always be accountable to yourself”. As these Old Collegians commence the next stage in their life journey, St John’s looks forward to following them as People of Influence in the wider community.

Top OP 1-5 recipients of the 2018 graduating class – OP 1 Mark Dunkley and Ngoc Linh Dan Dinh, OP 2 Gayathri Menon, Richa Patel and Anh Van, OP 3 Jayden Hasted, OP 4 Tammy Bui OP 5 Ellie Gunton.


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