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We are exceptionally proud of the work created by our students. One of the benefits of participating in the Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge is how we work to provide ongoing opportunities for students to promote their projects following the Innovation Summit. Here is a small sampling of the triumphs and opportunities of our teams.


  • Engages students in all 50 States and 72+ Countries
  • Reaches in excess of 100,000 students and 450+ schools worldwide
  • Very high annual female participation, at least 34%
  • Works with 200+ STEM Educators from year-to-year
  • Offers 1:1 mentor to student team collaboration
  • Supports the conceptualisation of more than 350 new products and innovations; currently, more than 20 percent of conceptualised products and innovations are in development


Team M^3
  • Their Sleep Halo product is patent pending
Gulliver International
  • Delivered their water filtration system to Haiti and a hospital in Nigeria
  • Provided clean drinking water for 500,000 people
  • Received Heart of Haiti Award for water purification device
  • Attended Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development
Our Alumni Students
  • Archived into the JFK Presidential Library
  • Obtained patents for their product
  • Began the manufacture of their prototype
  • Recognized by the Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Profiled on Popular Science Radio and interviewed by BBC World News
  • Published Business plans in University Textbooks
  • Interviewed by Fox News, CNN, Elle Girl and MTV Geek
  • Products flew aboard STS-134
  • Attended White House Science Fair
  • Serve as student spokesmen for Texas Instruments
  • Visited the New York Stock Exchange as part of the Kairos Society
  • Participated in the National Council for Science and the Environment in Washington D.C.
  • Attended the USA Science & Engineering Festival as guests of Lockheed Martin