St John’s Old Collegian Ruthie Forrest (2012) accepted into QUU Graduate Program

St John’s Old Collegian Ruthie Forrest (2012) was one of the successful candidates to be recently selected as a Graduate Process Engineer for Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU), one of the largest water distributor-retailers in Australia.

Ruthie’s hard work and commitment studying a Bachelor (Hons.) and Masters in Chemical Engineering at the University of Queensland (UQ) has paid off with this wonderful career opportunity.

Ruthie says “it was during my second year of university at UQ that I made the decision to branch off and study chemical engineering. To fuel our interest in this discipline, our first site visit was to a wastewater treatment plant. I was as you can just imagine apprehensive and slightly shocked when I stepped off the bus and inhaled the refreshing smell of sewerage”.

Working with a company that shares her passion in sustainability and focuses on enriching the quality of life for the community has been incredible for Ruthie. However, the journey to this point came with many challenges. Ruthie says “this is the first year that QUU has offered a graduate program and the response from graduates was overwhelming with over 400 applicants taken through a screening process. The first stage involved online psychometric testings to measure our cognitive capabilities and behavioural style. Based on the results, only 40 students were selected and taken through to the second stage: the assessment centre. This stage was designed to assess everyone’s abilities to work in a group setting. We were broken into groups and taken through a range of case studies where they had to exercise collaboration, teamwork, participation, problem solving and communication. From here, roughly a dozen students were selected and taken through an interview process where only six were chosen as the final graduates for the company”.

Ruthie credits her family and friends for their support, the guidance and teachings received from internationally recognised lecturers together with a steady supply of coffee, tissues and white chocolate!

Congratulations Ruthie and we wish you all the very best for the future.

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